Monday, June 18, 2012

7 things this week

1. I changed my phone. I'm now addicted to its camera and am abandoning my actual camera.

2. I survived two weeks of the break feeling like crap. That one week I was well, I was going to the gym, watching Running man on laptop-TV and doing chores. I'm joining a (domestic) engineering firm and the boss can be quite a slave-driver!

3. Did I mention the hubby got a wireless mouse and keyboard so that he can watch shows on TV? My laptop is permanently connected to the TV and I'm now blogging on big screen. We just got so lazy.

Reading my favourite blog off the TV becomes a new and awesome experience.

3. I met up with the girls. Twice.
    Once to cook, another to eat.

4. I hosted my parents for Father's Day. Daddy said he looked younger that day because I cooked for him. Haha..

5. I attempted to bake. Once for lunch and once for breakfast. Both were not fantastic but I'll keep trying. 
Note to self: Jams are so useful when the baking is bad.

6. I doodled a poster for the dining area. It's too small.


7. Men can be so attractive when they are doing the chores.
  (I actually just ran out of things to write.)

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