Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Last Weekend...

* The flu caught me.
And held me captive.

* While the hubby worked on the shelf for the laundry area, I worked on a little artwork to (hopefully) bring in a bit of colours to our neutral living room.

Here it is:

I came across this quote on Pinterest some time ago.
Loved it.
Because I couldn't find paper big enough for the Ikea frame, I flipped over the one that came with the frame and used it.
The doodles were done using watercolour pencils.
Easy enough for me to doodle and run a wet brush over.

As for the words, I tried writing with acrylic paint using a brush initially but I couldn't get the thickness right. I ended up using at least ten cotton buds (Q-tips).

This goes onto the shelves in the 'library'.

The living room has a bit of colours now.
More work still needs to be done to this space.
But that's it for now. :)

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