Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Weekend

Hi blog!
Did you miss me?

I'd been too busy falling sick these few weeks.
(Not to mention, trying my best to regain some momentum for work. All the deadlines are killing me.)

The hubby says I have not been crafting.
Fact is, I can't really craft.
Well, I attempt to.
But most of the time, I just fall in love with something and buy them. Then I keep them. (hoarder!)

I did decorate the headrest hook for the car.
To make it look a little more inviting.

I'm still so in love with silhouette.

And it scares me a little when the hubby says 'If you wanna buy it, go ahead. Find out more about the shipping cost.'

His love language is not 'receiving gifts'. Neither is mine. So it does feel a little strange when he is so ready to offer me a product I want. And it's US$299.99...

Just like the Shaklee Basic H2super cleaning concentrate I'm eyeing. Still working out the cost to see if it's worth it to ship it to SG..


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