Sunday, February 20, 2011

Travel Journals

I collected all my travel journals when I went back to Mummy's the other day.
I have only 5 books.
I guess I gave up on writing journals after I couldn't commit on the very last one, when I was on a Taiwan trip with S and lil'sis.

Reading through the journals, I noticed how I've changed (and matured) over the years.

Was... My first journal as a teenager, was one full of 'Singlish-infused' stories. Extremely difficult to read.
Became... better structured sentences. More decent looking.
Now... Decent blog-like journals but somehow, it lacked that kind of attention I paid to 'all-things-new' like when I was a new traveller.

Was... full of doodles because words can't describe what I wanted to write/express.
Now.. less doodles. Too wordy.


I enjoy writing on my journal. And I guess I can be more committed if it was:

- a spiral notebook (with grey lines. Not blue or any colour.)

- written in black pen
- complete with a bit of doodles here and there.

This June, wherever I may be going, I promise to write a proper, neat, decent journal.

*pinky swear*

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