Saturday, January 22, 2011

{I ♥, so I collect...} FABRIC

I thought it'll be fun to start a series on the things I like, I buy and I hoard.
So here's the first!

I ♥,
        so I collect...

I can't sew.
I can't do beautiful things with fabric.
I can't remember when it started.
But they are usually so soft and pretty, I have to have them.
And so, I buy.

I got these pretties from Japan.
I really don't know why I had to add weight to my already-heavy luggage like that but I did, anyway. How heavy can these fabric be?

Most of them were from Daiso and other 100-yen shops.
There were 2 from Nippori (which so happens to have a fabric town which I didn't manage to visit. humpf...)The 4 cutest and softest from Takayama.

They now sit happily in a Ziplock bag, waiting to be used in one way or other..

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